What makes us unique?

MAZE aims to connect people in geographic micro-communities around the world  that share the same values, beliefs and interests, people that belong to the same tribe, so to speak.

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Using technology to make us closer

With the rise of social networks we are more connected than ever, and yet paradoxically we are also more distant from each other than ever.

MAZE is a revolutionary, new model for discovering like-minded people in close physical proximity. This is done through a mobile platform that uses an Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem of location-aware devices, including Bluetooth Low Energy sensors, and a proprietary matching algorithm that learns from the user’s interactions using machine learning.

One side of the product, called MAZE, is aimed at conferences and other professional events. It has three main functions - it matches people based on who they are, what they are looking for and their past interactions, it generates leads for participating companies and it produces deep data insights to event organisers through a real-time data visualisation tool.

The other side, called Tento, is a light-touch version of MAZE. It is aimed at smaller events and at any social setting. Tento enables people to discover others with similar interests in close proximity and aims to facilitate conversations between them to build communities.

These two products form the basic building blocks that support the development of our vision.

The Team

And what makes us great team players

MAZE Labs Team

Martins Zeps

Martins is a co-founder of MAZE Labs and the talent behind product management. His experience from working at a global oil trading company brings to the table the vision and execution at a large scale.

Arturs Vancans

Arturs is a co-founder and the technology driver behind MAZE Labs. He had worked both in a corporate and IoT industry, having his IoT products exhibited at CES and  IFA consumer electronics trade shows. 

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You're able to chat with nearby people but only while they are nearby. Don't be shy, say hi in real-life :)

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